• All objects are inspected by an objective consultant.
  • Danish auction site.
  • Warehouse hotel option reduces logistics costs.
  • Fast payout through independent and strong bank.
  • No risk - sale offered, sold or free.


Who are we and what services do we provide.

We are part of B2B Auctions Group, a three unit alliance with common policy, values and goals, but each our customers and core services.

B2B Auctions Group is sales partner for business and organizations. We have specialized in sale of surplus equipment, such as Machines, Trucks, Vehicles, Maritime, Foresting and Agricultural equipment

Equipment sales are typically in relation with vehicle fleet- and machine renewal, inventory adjustments after outsourcing, and as an attractive alternative to buy-back arrangements.

B2B Auctions Group handles surplus equipment sales for industries as Defence, Municipalities, Agriculture, Constructing, Production, and Transport sector.

B2B Auctions Groups core services are technical reviews, documenting ads, handling paperwork, storing, internet auction exposure, selling and delivering sales objects- in other words an all-inclusive sale option for those who chose.

At the same time, we are also the sales channel for smaller businesses with just one sale annually. No customer or item to large or to small.

B2B Auctions Group sells equipment in one of two ways, either from its present location at sellers address, or centralized to our storage facility in Jyderup. This may vary depending on seller’s values, preferences and vacant resources.

The combination of having a Handling partner, a Warehouse partner and Internet Auction site in one group, makes us able to offer an instant reduction of stock, clearing of a facility or location, and capitalizing your businesses surplus within a matter of days or weeks.

B2B Auctions Group customizes our services to all sizes of businesses and organization’s needs, and incorporate the tasks the sellers want us to handle- so they can keep focus on their core tasks.

If your business, company or organization would like to register as a:

  • Seller, please contact us by phone +45 70 25 14 14 or e-mail info@B2Bauctions.dk
  • Buy please create an account on this page and start bidding just after CVR / VAT approval.

B2B Auctions Group facts, tasks- and advantages:

  • Is our internet based online auction site where business-to-business (B2B), sell and buy surplus equipment.
  • Marketed internationally and attracting traffic from DK, DE, PL, NL, NO, PL, FI, SE, LV, LT, CZ, SK, HU, UK.
  • Internet auction sale is a transparent method of sale, where a transparent visible bid history documents the competition.
  • Our requirements for marketing and exposure, ensures users to trade at the current market price.
  • All equipment at our auction is reviewed, described and photographed by our objective third party handling partner.
  • Auctions are either sold directly from the seller's location- or centralized to our warehouse in Jyderup.
  • We require that objects are reviewed by our handling partner, to ensure comparability and maintain a high quality in every ad.
  • Our exposure ensures the seller supply reaches the desired demand.
  • We only sell to countries approved by the Danish Foreign Ministry, as well as compliance with EU sanctions.
  • We sell for departments of state and municipalities, and large & small businesses- never consumer segment (B2C).
  • Guarantees our customers payment, with cash flow through third part major independent bank.

B2B Auctions

  • Is Handling partner for Internet action site B2BAuctions.dk.
  • Is Handling partner for the Danish Defence.
  • Handles sales process for companies so they can sell and release capital tied stock and machinery- in a simply and quickly manner.
  • Our consultants have a technical background, which is necessary when reviewing and documenting the technical object.
  • Offers a 100% handling at larger sales, where our staff will coordinate and hand over at the seller lokation- or from our warehouse in Jyderup.
  • Inspect profitable sales equipment in Denmark, Greenland, Scandinavia and parts of Europe.
  • Functionality of objects & vehicles and if possible test drive.
  • Providing value adding product information.
  • Photography and images editing & anonymization of pictures for ads.
  • Upload images, and technical assessment to B2B Auctions.
  • Handles support and customer inquiries, delivery documents and payment.
  • Handles archive duty for 5 years.


  • License plate detection as documentation at premises.
  • Warehousing at a high security level.
  • Optimize Lot to economical order size
  • Optimizes Lot release date.
  • Possible buyer inspection at high value products.
  • Refining products. (For example, preparation)
  • Accumulating more bought auctions, thereby reducing the buyer's logistics costs.
  • Logistics and freight services.
  • Loading and delivery from truck ramp.
  • Archiving CRM waybills and video surveillance as documentation.
  • Handles and archives documents to tax authorities.