• All objects are inspected by an objective consultant.
  • Danish auction site.
  • Warehouse hotel option reduces logistics costs.
  • Fast payout through independent and strong bank.
  • No risk - sale offered, sold or free.

How do I sell?

What should my company do to sell material on B2Bauctions.dk?

There are a lot of benefits to selling through B2B Auctions A/S. When you choose to sell equipment through B2B Auctions A/S, you get a number of benefits you do not get when you are responsible for the sale. Below we have listed some of the benefits that are achieved by using us as a sales partner.

  • The seller is 100 % guarantee for the seller that the individual objects achieve the highest achievable daily price on the market. (Over 60 % of all sales via B2B Auctions A/S go to export).
  • B2B Auctions group is the 100 % independent party that can handle all parts of the settlement, including ensuring the important documentation for the sale, about the real condition of the objects.
  • 100 % documentation of the sale, the price obtained and buyer information. Sales can be made successively, which means that capital tied up is reduced on an ongoing basis.
  • Everything can be sold via B2B Auctions A/S - with the exception of real estate and food.
  • As a customer, you can sell anonymously over a longer period, without "gossip" and physical auction on the property.

Contact B2B Auctions A / S by phone + 45 70 25 14 14 or at info@b2bauctions.dk

You can contact us if you want to sell via B2B Auctions A/S here.