• All objects are inspected by an objective consultant.
  • Danish auction site.
  • Warehouse hotel option reduces logistics costs.
  • Fast payout through independent and strong bank.
  • No risk - sale offered, sold or free.


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Yes, we only sell B2B, meaning business-to-business in other words, transactions between two companies. This implies that you must have a valid VAT number to sell and bid.

You must be over 18 years old to register and use B2B Auctions. Otherwise, orders will be canceled immediately.

You must create an account on the website, go to "Account" and click on the "Create an Account", note that all required fields must be filled out. You will no later than 1 working day after the request receive your login to B2Bauctions, and be able to bid.

Go to the bottom "HOW TO" and press "SELL" here is the contact information for B2B Auctions A/S. The handling partner will have a sales representative contract or visit your business and present the services they can offer your company. Sellers have to sign an additional contract that lets B2B Auctions sell equipment on your behalf.

Usually it is not possible, but some auctions nevertheless allow inspections, this will be very clear in the auction text. Is inspections an option on this particular object, date and appointment booking will be required.

Buyers from countries other than Denmark will not be charged VAT. However, this requires a valid VAT number from another countrys than Denmark.

Buyers from Denmark need CVR and will be charged according to current VAT rules. All prices are excl. VAT, unless otherwise stated. The buyer is responsible for informing correct VAT, and any changes are to be informed to B2B Auctions e-mail immediately. Please remember to read the conditions before buying on B2B Auctions.

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with status. From here on you should expect 1 business day processing time before B2B Auctions personnel has approved your Account. You will receive an e-mail once your Account has been approved and activated.

ATTENTION! Problems receiving our e-mails, please check your spam mail / spam filter or contact info@B2Bauctions.dk

If you have recently registered as a new member, please await approval and activation. Did you registered several days ago, maybe a blocking of the Account is due to violation of the terms and conditions- or missing or incorrect contact information for you. Please send us an e-mail to info@B2Bauctions.dk clarify this issue.

In some cases you will find that an object comes up for auction again. This may be because the object was not sold at the first auction, or that the buyer has not complied with the terms and conditions.

An example of this could be a bidder not complying with payment invoice within the limit 5 calendar days from the auction end. If this is not complied with, the order will be canceled and the object comes up for auction again.

The first auction winner will be excluded from future auctions on B2B Auctions and invoiced sales and commissions costs.

Pick up of the object is a matter between buyer and the seller or the seller's representative. The buyer is responsible for all costs associated with the pick up and transport. When the object is registered as paid in our system, we will send the seller's or the seller's representative's contact information to the buyer's e-mail. The objects precise location and time of pick up is coordinated directly between the seller or the seller's representative and the buyer.

Some objects are handled entirely by our service partners, such as Skandinavisk Service Partner. This will always be very clear in the auction text. In such a cases, the object will be:

      • Available from Skandinavisk Service Partners Warehouse during opening hours.
      • Handed by Service Partners on sellers premises on given date and time.

All pickups are with the buyer's own lifting gear and on the buyer's own responsibility. Should the seller or  the seller's representative help with the loading, the seller or  the seller's representative is not responsible for any damage. B2B Auctions always recommend using a professional operator and we are happy to advice a local haulage contractor with suitable loading equipment. Please contact info@B2Bauctions.dk for our recommendation.

No, there is no right of cancellation for B2B trades for bids or purchases. Bids are legally binding. Read the detailed terms of section conditions.

Immediately contact customer service via e-mail info@B2Bauctions.dk, attach any pictures and documents which support the claims for swifter handling. B2B Auctions will send your claim to the seller. Shortly thereafter, you will be contacted for the best possible solution. B2B Auctions do not take part in any dispute between the buyer and seller, and any claims in this context can not be directed on B2B Auctions. However, we are happy to help in solving the issue. Read the detailed terms of purchase in the section conditions.

The total on the invoice will be:

Your winning bid

+ Buyer's commission (Commission fee see No. 25)

+ Invoice fee 100.- DKK

+ Possibly. VAT.


All purchases, both auction objects and any additional services are invoiced directly by e-mail in the following hours after the auction end.

At the invoice, there will be a 14-digit account number, SWIFT and IBAN for use in transferring the amount. Fill in the invoice number as reference number.

Payment must be done in Danish currency DKK.

The deadline for payment is 5 calendar days from the invoice date.

If payment is not received in our system within the required payment period of 5 calendar days, this is considered as breach of conditions and the purchase will be cancelled without notice. This cancellation of the transaction still holds you liable to pay the 10 % commission to cover costs. Ranging from 2,000.- DKK and maximum 10,000.- DKK. +VAT

Financing has to be ready when the auction ends. Please e-mail us immediately after auction end info@B2Bauctions.dk, with information on how you have chosen to finance your purchase. Please enclose contact information to the leasing company, complete with billing address, so that we can sent your invoice directly to your bank or leasing company of choise.

Go to "Account" and press the "forgot your password". If this does not work, please do not hesitate to write to info@B2Bauctions.dk whom can send your password to the associated registered e-mail.

Changes can be updated under "My Account" when you are logged in.

Go to "My Account" and uncheck the box "I would like to receive information by e-mail". Then you will not receive further marketing information from the Skandinavisk Service Partner Group. This option can be changed at any time, if you wish to do so.

The seller always determines the minimum price.

It is only B2B Auctionssister company Skandinavisk Service Partner who reviews, function check, describe and document the object's condition. This is for mutually benefit for all users of B2B Auctions, and your security for a comparable impartially technically supported assessment.

If the seller informs Skandinavisk Service Partner's consultant, of facts such as functionality, repairs and services, that can not be controlled, then these information are the basis for the General Technical Assessment. In such a cases, the seller is responsible for the object complies with the information.

Yes, minimum bids increases as shown here.

  • 1.- DKK – 5,000.- DKK minimum bid increases at 100.- DKK
  • 5.001.- DKK – 25,000.- DKK minimum bid increasing at 200.- DKK
  • 25,001.- DKK – 50,000.- DKK minimum bid increasing at 500.- DKK
  • 50,000.- DKK – 125,000.- DKK minimum bid increasing at 1,000.- DKK
  • 125,001.- DKK – and up bids increase by 2,000.- DKK

Another bidder is most likely using the Auto-bid feature. This follows the same rules for bid increments as manual bids does, but this Auto-bid will continue to overbid challengers until the upper limit has been met. In which case Auto-bid user will receive an e-mail that announces that the Auto-bid now is surpassed by another bidder.

If the Auto-bid is not surpassed, and the minimum price has been met, then the Auto-bidder has won the auction. All bidders can use the Auto-bid feature.

Auto Bids is marked with (A)


How Auto Bid works

You make an Auto Bid on a product with a minimum price of DKK 5,000.- 

  1. If you make an Auto Bid on DKK 4,000.- (below the minimum price), then within short time the bid will rise from the starting point to DKK 4,000.-
  2. If you submit an Auto Bid on DKK 10,000.- then the bid within a short time will rise from the starting point at the minimum price DKK 5,000.-, after which the price will rise (when others bid) on the object with " the bid increase " up to DKK10,000.-
  3. Had another Bidder, at an earlier stage, put an Auto Bid at exactly the same amount, it is the first Bidder that wins the auction, if the Auto Bid is highest at the end of the auction.
  4. If the Auto Bid is outbid, you will receive an email with this information, (this feature can be disabled in the "auction E-mail settings" under "My Account").
  5. Note: You can only be added a new auto-bid when another bidder has bid or the first auto bid is outbid by other bidders.

What you are experiencing is competition just before the auction end. The system is designed in a way, so that a new higher bid extends the auction for further 5 minutes, so that everyone has time to bid again. The auction closes when the highest bid (above the minimum price) has not been static surpassed for 5 minutes.

Buyer commission fairly decreases in relation to revenue, spanning from 20% - 5% Domestic buyers (Danish Businesses) always pay VAT on commission.