• All objects are inspected by an objective consultant.
  • Danish auction site.
  • Warehouse hotel option reduces logistics costs.
  • Fast payout through independent and strong bank.
  • No risk - sale offered, sold or free.

Quality Policy

Quality policy for B2B Auctions Group is:

  • Creating good deals where both buyers and sellers will have solved a need in the most satisfactory and academically professional manner so that both sides feel to have made a good deal at the right market price for the product - and SSP therefore will be chosen, at the next sale - and purchase.
  • The customer needs is covered through value-creating, expectations aligned, trusting and confidential dialogue with the customer, so that we offer the services that give each customer the most value in the sale / purchase.
  • To be credible third party between the seller and buyer, and ensure both parties' anonymity until the sale and payment is completed.
  • That our processes and customer satisfaction experience continually is improved through our commitment to, and certification by the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.
  • That our customers is treated with openness, honesty and respect and all services should be easy, safe, secure and transparent, and comply with applicable law, including the UN Global Compact as B2B Group completes with the following:
  • Identifies users: B2B Auctions Group controls all users CVR identity before and after the purchase and respects all EU sanctions and trade embargoes issued by the State Department.
  • Product: B2B Auctions Group conveys only the sale of equipment which, to the extent possible, has been inspected and reviewed.
  • Money: In order to prevent money laundering, B2B Auctions Group never receives cash.
  • Embezzlement: B2B Auctions Group stands from   any cooperation suspected of embezzlement.
  • No cash refunds: B2B Auctions Group caseworks all rebates and reimbursements electronic and transparent.